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Diversify Your Market & Pipeline


Business Development (BD) Services in the International and/or US Federal Markets


Carroll International is a sales force multiplier, representing our clients in the U.S. federal and international markets. We offer business consulting, marketing, and contracting services to assist our clients in diversifying their markets and pipelines.

Would your company like to meet the needs of the world's largest customer, the US Federal Government?

Would you like to reach out to the world and market and sell to the 93% of the world economy that is outside of the United States?


We would like to provide help! Carroll International is a proven US Federal Distributor of product and services and has experience as a business development company internationally. Think of us as your sales force multiplier. We work with our clients as their marketing business developer, and sales developer. Here at Carroll International, we are focused on the sales of products that can meet mission requirements within the federal and international markets.


The US Federal Government can be a great customer for  your business. There is a daily supply of business opportunities. The US Federal Government buys a vast selection of products. You are guaranteed to get paid in a timely manner by the US federal government. There are long-term deals and exclusive contracts for the right products in the US Federal government.  Carroll International is already set up with special funding tools that can sell your products on day one. We can handle billing, contracting, and logistics, if needed, or just send customers straight to your in house team.  We will customize a package to your company's needs.

  • We can add your products to our G.S.A. Contract and other federal-wide contract vehicles to make purchases quick and transactional with no bidding.

  • We can present and demonstrate your product to government buyers, and at federal trade shows.  Some of these agencies have developmental funds and grants to improve your product for governmental purchases.

  • We can send interested parties to your company to do business or we will complete the sale and billing through Carroll International's US Cage Code and pay you.

  • You get the use of our federal set-asides of Service-Disabled Veteran Owned small business and HUBZone if sales are contracted through Carroll International.  This can get direct no bid contracts with these certifications.

  • We will create marketing videos for your products with a federal spin. We can post it on our YouTube page, put into our newsletters , and post to a page on our website to help market your products or services.

  • We provide creation of a capability summary and quad chart for your products that meet the  federal government’s requirements for your products

  • Our direct sales team  with our 7 federal outside and 2 inside sales teams will help to direct sales and business for your company.

  • Carroll International will also help your firm meet the cybersecurity, and other regulations, of the federal market, that keep so many other companies out of the market.

  • We own warehousing that may be useful for your products' logistics or timed deliveries. 


Fact: More than 70% of the world’s purchasing power and 95% of world consumers are outside of the United States. Carroll International assists you with taking your business to the world.

  • Carroll International will promote your product/s and/or service/s to prospective buyers at International Trade Shows

  • We will connect your company to pre-screened potential partners and customers.

  • We will make Introductions to in-country sales agents matched to your product type.

  • We provide consulting/application writing, for funding grants, to help your international expansion

  • We will make introductions to international banking, to help fund your customers' PO, eliminating your risk of not getting paid.

  • We can create marketing videos of your products with an international spin aligned to the country you seek to enter.

  • Carroll International will provide international business development, through introductions, training, and consultation in several top markets.

  • We have a direct sales team, with our 5 International sales representatives and, our 2 inside sales representatives based in the US

  • We offer page creation on our website, back linked to your site.

  • We will connect you with our international TEAM of consultants, many who work for free, to provide training, market assessments, and grants to launch your international business


Our 2-in-1 Federal & International Package will provide you with a combination of services from both of the above packages at a fraction of the cost!


We are a team with lots of federal and International experience in business development.

  •  We are heavily vetted by GD-MS, SBA for HubZone, and VA for SDVOSB

  • A+ in our Rapid Ratings forensic accounting financial health screening for the past 3 years

  • Executive staff of 11 currently, and 50% are veterans, You get our TEAM

  •  Our HUBZone and SDVOSB Certs. Renewed in 2021 for another 3 years

  •  In 2020, our largest customer was the VA. Next DoD. 80+ Prime Contracts

  • Our worldwide Corp. HQ is based in N.C. w/ Offices around the US

  •  NIST 800-171 with a Score of 110 | Working toward CMMC III

  • GD-MS Supplier of the Year Award for 2020

  • Corning Optical Fiber Co. Top 10 Partners of the Year for 2020

  • American Red Cross recognized for outstanding service in 2021

  •  Former (2018-23) Protégé of General Dynamics

  • 2021 Nunn Perry Award winner DoD/ General Dynamics

  • US Trade Export Achievement Certificate Winner

  •  Global Business Professional Course Graduate

  •  Veterans in Procurement International Course Instructor

  • US Trade Exporting Success Story Recipient 

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