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Anders Grandien

Mr. Bob Sullivan

VP, Navy

Bob Sullivan, is a 35-year Navy veteran who served in both enlisted and officer ranks through a variety of operator, technician, manager, administrative, and executive leadership positions throughout his career. He has been stationed on a Knox-class FF, a Spruance-class DD, three Aegis CGs, and two Nimitz CVNs, his last sea tour as commissioning Combat Systems Officer of the USS GEORGE H W BUSH. Bob has experience in a wide spectrum of communications equipment in the MF-EHF world, Interior Communications (SPP/IVCS), SITE, Ethernet/Fiber/WIFI unclassified and multi-classified LAN/WANs, RADARS (2D/3D air-search, surface, air-control, and automatic landing systems), RF/SAT/Inertial/RLG Navigation systems, CIWS, SeaSparrow and RAM weapon systems and yes..even good ole POTS. Bob, as commissioning Commanding Officer of the Center for Surface Combat Systems Unit Great Lakes, helped usher in the second phase of the Navy’s Revolution In Training. He took his command from a primary self-paced Computer Based Training format to focus more heavily, using principles from the Science of Learning, on the use of an Integrated Learning Environment (ILE), Simulation, Hands-on, and instructor-led topics. All of these helped to decrease student under instruction time while increasing the much-needed apprentice-level trained ET, FC, GM, IC, OS, BM, and QM ratings to the Fleet. He is published in Fathom and Ship’s Safety Bulletin articles. Bob brings a passion for electronics and technology to Carroll Communications. And enjoys being a part of the cutting-edge technologies of today and the tie-in to the legacy products which evolved them.

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